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3 hour diet

By: Guest

Diet Plan: The 3 Hour Diet

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The three hour diet is kind of like having a newborn baby: every three hours, you eat. That's it. The whole plan. The visualizing part of the program comes in handy, but I found myself picturing really big decks of cards! Maybe that's why, after a week, I didn't lose any weight. At the end of the second week, I was bored out of my mind. They say this is a healthy diet because you're never really depriving yourself, but I found I was constantly thinking of what I was eating. Planing for my next meal before I finished even one. The good thing about this diet program is that you don't need to take diet pills, or buy special diet food. It's just a healthy diet - but one you need to put far too much time and effort into the planning of. I'd say skip on this one and go for something like the south beach diet or weight watchers instead. That's my plan.