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Cookie Monster

By: Guest

Diet Plan: The Cookie Diet

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I saw the Cookie Diet at one of those big box chain stores and I couldn't believe it. What kind of diet plan is centered around cookies? Wow! This was one plan I had to try. The cookies come in a big box - I think it's a one-month program. I am midway through and I have to say, that while I sometimes take diet pills to curb my hunger, it does seem to be working! I'm halfway through week 3 and I've lost almost 8 pounds. Maybe other diet programs would give me the same results but it wouldn't be as fun. The cookies taste pretty good! This is a far cry from Atkins or South Beach diets, as it's anything but low-carb. But it seems to be working. The cookies taste like health food, rather than diet food. I'm a little nervous for maintenance, but I used to be on Weight Watchers so maybe I'll just go back to that. I'd give this one a try if you have a short term goal. It's cheap and easy - at least for a few weeks.